The Secret Parent Society is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services and an online parenting course based on an individualized approach to child development at home.

Be the parent you always wanted to be!

Our approach is based on years of successful work with real families applying result-driven behavior analysis techniques.

I CAN System Course

Be empowered and take control of your parenting by understanding the purpose of your kids’ behavior. Make a plan to respond rather than react emotionally with I CAN System parenting course. 

In-Home ABA Services

We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for clients who need in-home assistance with problem behaviors, developmental disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders in Tucson, AZ.

This is a place for anyone seeking a healthy, long-lasting relationship with their kids.

Claudia Meza Villari, Behavior Coach

Founder, Secret Parent Society
The Secret Parent Society is a place for you to rebuild your confidence as a parent.

Become a member and join a community of behavior detectives enrolled in the I CAN System course. We are dedicated to your growth and understand the challenges you face as a parent.  You are not alone.

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Claudia Meza Villari, BCBA

I’m a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I’ve been working with families and kids with behavioral challenges for more than fifteen years. This field has been my life for a very long time, and it’s what I dedicate myself to.

  • MA Applied Behavioral Analysis, 2010
  • BA Psychology, 2007
  • BA Elementary Education, 2002
  • Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), 2010
claudia meza founder
I’ve worked in applied behavior analysis for more than 15 years.

I have served as the Director of a Statewide Behavior Analytics Division, an Area Director for Behavior Health, the Director of a Behavior Interventions Program, a Divisional Bilingual Coordinator and clinical roles on a Positive Family Support Program and as an In-Home Support Specialist.

Development Programs

My work involved developing statewide applied behavior analysis programs, creating new behavioral intervention programs, training clinical workers in the application of applied behavior analysis, and developing programs for people with severe challenging behaviors.


I have over ten years’ experience training others in applied behavior analysis. In addition to my regular work with parents and families, I’ve trained clinical workers and provided intensive training for parents, schools, and teachers of children with developmental disabilities or severe challenging behaviors.

My passion for

Behavior Analysis

began in a college Psychology class.

There was one case of a child diagnosed with autism, who was also deaf and mute affected me deeply. I watched a video of this child hurting herself every time someone was in the room. She hurt herself by banging her head against surfaces, so badly that it left a dent on her forehead. Fortunately, a breakthrough came when a psychologist observed and analyzed her behavior.

Because all behavior serves a purpose!

The purpose of the self-harming behavior, in this case, was to get attention. She was attempting to communicate, but nobody had been able to hear or understand what she needed.

But once the psychologist determined the purpose of her behavior—to get attention—the psychologist developed a card that simply said: “I want attention, can you spend 10 minutes with me?” Now, whenever a caregiver was nearby, all she had to do was hold up this card and she got the attention she needed. Not only did her physical wounds heal but she developed a meaningful connection with her caregiver.

The solution was so simple! I was hooked.

This example illustrates the unique insight of behavioral analysis. Understanding behavior is the key to helping people who are struggling. Since then, I’ve been devoted to helping families and children through applied behavior analysis.

Now I specialize in the treatment of children with challenging behaviors. After many years in the field, I’ve realized that these techniques, often aimed at people with severe behavioral challenges, can work for anybody! I’m especially excited to apply these insights to parenting: something I feel is profoundly important.

Building a connection with your child starts with the I CAN System course
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