I CAN System

The I CAN System is an online parenting course that helps parents learn Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques at home.  Learn how to be a behavior detective, find the purpose of your kids’ behavior, and implement a positive plan for change.

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What is The I CAN System?

The I CAN System is a personalized approach to parenting guided by the “I CAN” acronym.

I CAN Acronym


Identify A Routine

First, learn how to identify a routine that you would like to improve. You choose a routine to focus on, like: bedtime, naps, homework, cleaning up.


Collect Information

Next, learn about the A, B, C, and D's of a behavior cycle. Also, learn how to objectively collect information about your child's behavior in a Routine Log.


Analyze Information

Discover a purpose and pattern in your child's difficult behavior. Use examples in the workbook and come up with your own Pattern Summary.


Name A New Plan

Finally, solve your child's problem behaviors by creating a new plan based on ABA techniques outlined as examples in the I CAN System workbook.

The I CAN System is based on a scientific, result-driven approach.

The I CAN System was inspired by a combination of four scientific and psychological approaches to understanding childhood development and behavior.

Behavioral Parent Training

It stems initially from Claudia Meza's Master’s Thesis studying the long term effects of Behavioral Parent Training. I owe a lot to my thesis advisors V. Mark Durand, Ph.D., and Meme Hieneman, Ph.D. Their work strongly influenced my approach to parent training.

Applied Behavior Analysis

This parenting course is firmly rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA uses direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relationships between environment and behavior. In other words, we use real-world observations to determine the goal, or function, of kids’ behaviors.

Positive Behavior Support

We rely on an area of Applied Behavioral Analysis known as Positive Behavior Support (PBS). PBS emphasizes family values and strengths while focusing on understanding challenging behaviors. This is the process we use to identify the purpose of your kids’ behavior and then develop a plan to replace negative behaviors with constructive ones.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Our exploration of the parent’s responses is grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Using tools distilled from ACT, parents learn to understand their own thoughts and feelings about their kids’ behavior. Then they can begin to reframe them and use them constructively.

Build a connection with your kids using the Polar Pyramids as a guide

Understand the levels of connection and disconnection within the parent-child relationship.

The Connection Pyramid

A connection begins by building a solid foundation.

The aim of this program is to teach you how to build a connection using the Polar Pyramids as a guide. With each layer of the Pyramid, you’ll be building a relationship with your child.  

Developing a strong connection with your children depends on building a strong foundation. So first, you need to consider your own belief system and define your family values.


The Disconnection Pyramid

When parents don't have a plan, there's a sense of no control.

Many parents feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to manage their kids’ behavior. Without a plan, they wind up parenting in-the-moment. Most parents rely on ways that their parent’s raised them, because they don’t know what else to do. 

When parents ‘wing it’ they fall back on unproductive parenting habits based on reactive parenting. Parents react based on their emotions in the moment that only lead to short-term results.

Reactive parenting can sometimes feel like it works. Especially when it gets the immediate response you’re looking for. Yelling at your kids might get them to be quiet for the moment. But it’s just a short-term fix. If you don’t address the root cause, the behavior will re-emerge as a behavior cycle.

Instead, we need to take a scientific approach and focus on long-term goals rather than being reactive towards your child’s problem behaviors. 

It's our desire that all children grow up in a loving, healthy home.

We Believe Parents Are The Key

Our goal with this program is to inspire every parent to build a deep and fulfilling connection with their children by understanding their behavior. We come from a Positive Parenting perspective, so we help parents find the confidence to respond to their kids in purposeful, creative ways that foster independence and dignity. Learn how to cultivate a lifelong, meaningful connection with your children and teens.

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I created the I CAN System course for any parent, guardian, family member, and teacher who wants to build a connection with the children they love.

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